„…the Czechs are strong, hardworking people…“ About the Czechoslovak heritage in Texas in the words of Jared Cookston

Recently, a friend of mine has said that Czech was pretty much a useless language. Noone outside our country speaks it. Well, be it as it may, to me even because of that, it is all the more valuable. What a surprise it was to learn, that this language was at some point the third most spoken language in Texas, USA!

Jared Cookston is a young Texan with Czech ancestry. Jared’s social media initiative, living_the_texczech_life, has a large following. He knows that there is a strong connection between the Czechs in Europe and the Czechoslovak community in Texas. And not only through keeping up with the traditions.

What motivated Jared though to start this initiative? How big and active the Czechoslovak community is over in Texas? How has it changed throughout the years? Do they still speak Czech? And how is the Czechoslovak heritage perceived?

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