Expat Leadership and Lifestyle in Southeast Asia: Overcoming 5 Key Challenges


Tato kniha byla doporučena Václavem Korandou, který žije v Malaysii již několik let, jako kniha, která může expatům v Asii zásadně usnadnit život.

Bohužel tato kniha je zatím dostupná jen v angličtině:

This is an informative and entertaining book and Peter Brunoehler, a long-time expat in Southeast Asia, walks readers through the pitfalls in professional leadership and personal lifestyle that often derail expat careers in this part of the world.

With an observational nature and both global and local perspectives, Brunoehler identifies and provides the methodology to overcome many trials on the road to expat success. From challenges in communication and delegation in the office to issues regarding family and social interactions beyond the office, he provides reference-book value in a page-turning, quick-reading style

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