Why this podcast?

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Alena Cicakova

Why listen to this podcast? What is Epimoni and who am I?

I was born in the westernmost corner of Czechoslovakia several decades ago. At that time, it was still in the common land of Czechs and Slovaks. My relatives and friends come from both countries. And although these two nations no longer form one state, I am convinced that there is still a solid bond between us, despite the occasional teasing sting.
There is one specific phenomenon concerning Czech and Slovak compatriots that I noticed on my travels. After the initial full integration into their host country, they learn a new language and adapt to a new culture relatively quickly. Then the vast majority of everyone will start to get homesick. And compatriots represent their homeland and everything connected with it. They tend to help each other more.

All in all, I have been out of my homeland for over twenty years. On my travels, I met quite a few genuinely compatriotic personalities and heard of even more. The stories of some of those deserve to be heard by as many people as possible.

Why? Because for me, in a constant hurry, there is a growing tendency of distraction and superficiality, especially in this new digital world. There is growing neglect of heritage awareness and human values. I feel we need to recall the extraordinary in ordinariness. To reflect on courage, strength, enthusiasm, perseverance, tenacity, and depth of character of individuals who, even outside their native region, point to possibilities rather than obstacles. Moreover, only when we truly value and appreciate our origins, our history, are we able to have and maintain an open mind towards others.
In the case of this podcast, I choose to express this gratitude through exceptional individuals who always see the glass half full no matter where they are. And that is why I borrowed the term "Epimoni" from Greek, which represents the just mentioned qualities associated with perseverance and stubbornness.

Qualities that are needed not only, but especially in a new life outside any homeland. This project is not an attempt to raise rampant nationalism, far from it. However, I do firmly believe it is necessary to highlight individuals who have depth. Quite often, these people represent well, consciously or unconsciously, not only their homeland but above all the positive features of a man's character.

Suppose these chats spark some inspiration, a good feeling of belonging, pride, or only reflection on how to improve one's attitude to life. Then the mission of this podcast is fulfilled.

With great respect and humility for choosing to spend your time listening to this podcast.
Alena 😊