About a three-month voyage to freedom, and taking pride in Czechoslovak heritage in Australia.

Tato pilotní epizoda pro potomky Čechoslováků je celá v angličtině.

My name is Alena, and in this podcast, I sit down and chat with unique Czech and Slovak compatriots living abroad. I have decided to open up this podcast to descendants of Czechoslovaks who may not speak our languages any longer.

Why? Everyone can agree that people relate to each other more through their life or professional stories. And that way sometimes even learn from each other. That is all the more true when one lives abroad. The unspoken bond of familiarity among various groups of different nationalities comes up, especially when living abroad and is real also for the Czechs and Slovaks. Yes, first we tend to blend in wherever we go. Still, there comes a time when most of us start to get homesick. And despite feeling quite happy and settled in our new homes, we tend to seek this familiarity among compatriots.

I feel the descendants‘ personal and professional narratives can offer an unprecedented look into the challenges, failures, and successes of those who emigrated before us, willingly or less so. It can then bring to the new generations of expats a fresh appreciation of the ingenuity, and grit of their ancestors as well as offer a reservoir of tips for life in their new host country.

The first descendant that I had the honour of speaking with on this podcast comes from Canberra, Australia. Andrew Greene is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, i.e. ABC’s Defence Reporter. His Czech grandparents emigrated from Czechoslovakia in the 1950s to Australia and started a new life far away from home.

But why did they leave? What impact did the partial Czech upbringing have on Andrew? How important is it for him to maintain the connection to the land of his grandparents? What are the real similarities and differences between the Czechs and Aussies?

I did enjoy this chat. Andrew proves he’s a master of his craft. It is always refreshing and enriching to listen to someone so articulate. But more than that. One can honestly say, two generations of his ancestors did an excellent job at instilling a great appreciation of the Czechoslovak heritage and in the process sparking that way a life long passion.

Please enjoy!:)

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