Bringing Slovakia and Slavic traditions to the world & how life abroad helps you appreciate your homeland. Zuzana Palovic & Gabriela Bereghazyova #50

PhD Zuzana Pavlovic, a migration scholar and PhD Gabriela Bereghazyova, a scholar on corruption, are on a mission. Both were born in Czechoslovakia and spent a large portion of their life abroad. Zuzana grew up in Canada and Gabriela spent many years in the UK. Both entrepreneurs and public speakers, after publishing several successful publications relating to Slavic traditions, Slovakia and the topic of migration (such as The Legend of the Linden, or The great return), decided it was time to find an innovative way through which they would present the cultural Slovakian wealth of traditions to the English speaking world.

Their NGO is called Global Slovakia and has been rapidly gaining in popularity for a good reason. They provide cultural and educational programs online in English, as well as visit local schools in Slovakia to help raise national awareness and pride. The results speak for themselves. Several thousands of followers on their social media and hundreds of dedicated students of their Global Slovakia Academy. Certainly a gratifying effort for a noble cause.

Zana and Gabi recounted their lives in Canada and the UK and how that influenced their further outlook and decision to give back to Slovakia. But they’re also guiding us through the inception of their mission, the challenges and success stories as well as their desired legacy. And especially reasoning behind their WHY. All of that with a great dose of humour 🙂

Enjoy and let me know, how you liked it. 😊

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